Sunday, April 23, 2017

David Troutman and my teeth.

Date Of Dream: 4/23/17

Main Dream Story/Notes:

The dream was long- almost like a movie. In fact, it was very much like a horror movie and I have dreamed some of the scenes before- or at least something very similar. It's hard to describe so I will try to just highlight the main images that I can remember.

I was at a house of some sort, I don't remember the people but they felt like family. I remember being in the bathroom-and it was run down, gross and very strange. There was graffiti and filth in the bathtub and I remember thinking something along the lines of-how can I bathe in this? What the hell happened?

The main gist of the dream was that some kind of evil kept trying to attack myself or the family. I remember seeing a dead or sleeping man-but he looked more like a mannequin or doll. He woke up and either he said or I knew it was "David Troutman"- and in the dream, I knew that meant he was my grandfather. In real life, I do have a Troutman branch starting with my paternal grandmother-I have looked at my records and I (shockingly) do have a David Troutman in my tree but he's my second great uncle- born in 1884 and died in 1975. I am not sure what he wanted in the dream-but he scared the hell out of me. There were other dolls or creatures that kept waking up and whomever I was with, we spent the whole time trying to fend them off.

At some point- when I was in the bathroom, I looked out the window and saw that something was going on with the world- like a cosmic event. The earth may have been slowing down suddenly as everything started shifting and lifting. I was trying to get people in the house to leave but knew it was hopeless as the dust was going to overcome us.

Somehow, I ended up in Braxton County- driving up the long winding road I did as a kid and was pulled over by a cop. I started to lose my teeth and saw bits and pieces of them in my hand. When I looked in the mirror, a couple of my top front teeth were missing and the pieces in my hand were black as coal from decay. I went to a dentist and he kept trying to get me to talk but when I would try, I felt all my teeth mashing together -and they were all loose. I could sense blood in my mouth and I was trying to spit so I could talk but I couldn't get my teeth to line up right. The dentist also seemed evil and uncaring. I woke up about this time. I started to drift back to sleep but then I heard a loud knock on my apartment door. No one was there of course- an auditory hallucination.


The dream really creeped me out. I remember parts of it from the same kind of dream I have had in the past- from the evil dolls/spirits and the teeth issue. I felt anxious, scared to death and frustrated. I do not believe in the supernatural at all- but this prompted me to work on David Troutman's branch a little. He died September 9th, 1975. I was born September 27, 1975. I wonder if he knew about me at all since he's not that far removed from myself. He would've been my great-grandfather's Troutman's brother-it's possible they might have known about me because my grand mother was still alive then. She was his niece.

I think the dream was about several things in my life: anxiety about my future, fears etc. I am really frustrated in life right now and maybe I am afraid of the worst case scenario happening (end of the world) etc. I'm not sure where my family would come in but the teeth problem, the fear I felt, the cosmic event and things closing in, being pulled over by a cop (which did happen in real life) and other issues...

Additional Dreams/Notes:

Monday, October 26, 2015

"I'm here"...

Date Of Dream: 10/26/15

Main Dream Story/Notes:

I dreamed that I was searching for someone in an old house--- a tattered, abandoned house… and I kept hearing a man say “I’m here”... and when I would look out the windows--or try to move the curtains/plastic, I couldn’t find him… eventually he “appeared” to me as I realized that he was a spirit…  He told me the story I believe of how his wife had died…  but now I am not sure… There was some food for me to eat and at one point he wanted to make love… but thought that his body was too disintegrated due to his situation...I was actually a bit heartbroken by this as I think he was very lonely and kind. All I really remember of this dream was trying to look out these windows that had a lot of plastic and fabric curtains around them… and the food...I believe there was bread… and he may have been making other things to eat… but it was scarce since he was no longer alive…


The dream sounds really silly but it has left me feeling haunted and melancholy. I believe this stems from my recent interaction with D...So, that has made me a little depressed as well… and this entire situation with M just has me at a loss ...

Additional Dreams/Notes:

I also dreamed of being on a bus… or in a truck- being dropped off… strange rocky stairwells and walking in a neighborhood that I lived in… and I had been here before in dreams I think…  it’s very similar to Greenmont/South Park area but maybe steeper, more green...more closed in. There were some people around---  

Lastly, I was sitting at a desk… with someone I used to go to school with… but I am not sure who it was now---but he was sitting across from me… and when I asked about things… he said he wasn’t in the mood for love and something else… L was there I think…

And as usual...I believe J was somewhere in my dream as well… he always finds a way to haunt me…